Hey everyone it’s been awhile since I’ve updated! Really sorry about that, I was too excited about winter break and before that was finals week and like everybody else in college, I didn’t have time to do anything but procrastinate by going onto tumblr and working frantically until the wee hours of the morning. Since I’ve handed everything in this should be a big post that’s going to recap all the final projects I handed in before the break started.


My studio and seminar class are kind of interlinked, so the project for both classes were combined into one big project. For our final project, I made a stop motion video (studio) and a script that goes with the animation (seminar).


The background of the animation was based on the drawing of the Virgin Mary I did a few classes ago. You could watch the video here. I got really good grades for these two classes, so I guess the all nighters paid off:)

Time (video/media class)

Remember that video that was in the last post? That was my final project, but I revised it a little, and added music. I also added in the credits so the video looks a bit more professional and all. :p

Screen Shot 2013-12-22 at 4.21.05 AMAs you can see the video’s called “The Dystopia Within”; and the theme of the video is the superficial attitude people acquire to hide their vulnerability. It’s cliche, I know. But that was the only theme I could think of that gave me an excuse to go out when I was supposed to be working, I mean, who would rather be working when you could go out and have a good time (and meet cute guys)?

Anyways. You could watch the whole thing here. I don’t know the grade for this class yet, sadly.


I have spent the most time, money and effort in this class. This class is all about technical drawing and making technical things which is really not my kind of thing, but I tried. I don’t have a picture of the final project, but what I can tell you is that if I had to use one word to describe the thing my friend and I made for this class, it would be “laughingstock”. We started working on it 3 in the afternoon, took a break, started again at 9, had at least 5 cigarette breaks from then till we were done, I collapsed once, my friend laughed for 15 minutes straight. We stayed up until 6 in the morning to finish it, and ended up being 2 hours late to the critique. The thing was made out of fused trash bags and we used plastic rods to prop it up so it was a bit like a tent (but not really). The original plan was to make a dome out of thin vinyl for the roof so people could use as a stargazing tent.

It didn’t work.

We ended up sewing the vinyl onto the plastic so it was a bit like the canopies outside shops. What made it worse was that we didn’t have enough vinyl to cover the whole tent so we decided to attach it to half of the tent and leave half of it open as “breathing space”.

I got a B for this class. It was expected, of course. What more could I ask for? The money I spent on the materials back? At least I didn’t get a B-, or a C+. That would’ve been horrible. But the whole experience was fucking hilarious, I had a great time with my friend trying to put the whole stargazing tent together (we gave it a name, too. She’s called Gertrude and she now resides with all the other rejected projects in the landfill.)

Personal work!

Some updates on what I’ve been up to since my winter break started:

I made 1 1/2 tote bags (1/2 because one of them’s missing straps)


That’s the completed bag; it’s black (like 90% of the clothes I have in my closet)! I’ve never sewn before, so it’s all pretty new to me. I also made 2 clutches which are probably going to be Christmas presents; I didn’t take pictures of them but I will later!

I’ve also been practicing painting by hand a little, because I have a feeling that I would be doing a lot of that in the future, so I might as well prepare myself. All this is gouache on wood.

IMG_2682  IMG_2728


This is a Christmas present for my uncle, his cat died last month so I painted him this.


This one’s for my aunt, it actually has no meaning; it’s just a doodle. Remember the triangle shape things I constantly draw? I just made it fancier and all. It doesn’t look decent, really. But I don’t care, if I didn’t paint something I would have to buy her a school shirt and I spent that money on a backless bra. Oops.


Processed with VSCOcam with lv01 preset

This is something I’m working on which I’m quite proud of:) It’s inspired by Audrey Kawasaki (as you could see from the choice of media and the bedroom eyes the girl has), and a few other illustrators I really look up to. I don’t know if I’m going to keep this or if I’m going to give it to someone.

I hope everyone’s having a lovely break, and I hope you all a merry christmas! I’m going to be in Boston for around a week, so I’ll probably update when I’m back with pictures!


Hey everyone! I hope you all had a great thanksgiving break:)

I didn’t work at all during the 4 day break so my sleeping schedule is going to be absolutely destroyed.

Anyway. I drew a little last night and just wanted to post it on my blog!


It’s a picture of Keira as Anna Karenina from Joe Wright’s movie, Anna Karenina. If you haven’t watched it yet, please do. It’s a beautiful movie. Even if you don’t like watching epic romantic films watch it for the costumes and the music. And of course for Keira and Aaron Taylor Johnson. It’s now my new favourite movie! (actually I’ve never had a favourite movie, but I do now, haha.)

The eyes are a bit out of proportion (it always happens and I have no idea why) and I don’t think I drew her jaw properly; it’s should be a bit more.. square? But never mind.


(photo from vanity fair)

This was my reference picture; Anna wore this dress during the Bobrishchev’s ball. All their costumes (except for that horribly tacky necklace on Anna’s neck in that picture) looked extremely elegant. They deserved all the awards they won:)

In other news, I’ve finished my Virgin Mary drawing two weeks ago. Sorry for not posting it earlier, I forgot about it after the assignment was done.


I know I screwed up the bit on her chest; the red was too dark and it covered up the outline of the glass. But other than that I think I’m quite satisfied with the overall result.

There’s only 2 weeks of school left! Then I’ll have a 40 day long winter break woohooooooo

hey everyone!

it’s been like, a week(??) since i’ve last updated, so i wanted to make a new post.

wordpress is being an asshole and i cant actually include the actual video in the post so here’s the storyboard (to watch the video click on the pictures or scroll to the bottom of this post and click the link)

Screen Shot 2013-11-22 at 11.38.02 AMScreen Shot 2013-11-22 at 11.38.20 AM

i’ve been working on a video for one of my classes (it’s called “time: metropolis” if anyone cares haha) and basically it has to relate to the city so i’ve decided to focus on the fast paced, slightly (i haven’t been here long enough to know if “slightly” is an understatement or not) superficial attitude most new yorkers have and the vulnerability we subconsciously feel.

i used to hate filming, but this project kind of made me change my mind a little. I guess its because when you put everything you’ve filmed together and edited it to look decent the feeling you get is really, really nice.

enjoy the video! it would be nice if you leave a comment or anything.. still really new to the whole film thing so i really need some suggestions and constructive criticism if you have any.

watch the video here

Quick update!
For my studio class we have to create this panorama of the place where we interviewed people. The place is one of the ten we went to to take pictures of surveillance cameras; and obviously I chose the place I hated the most out of the ten, which is the cathedral on first avenue.
So basically I interviewed three people, this crazy religious lady, a priest, and the parish manager (I don’t even know what that is but he was pretty chill which was nice). After that we had to choose a few interesting things we got out of the interview and base our panorama on that. It’s really interesting, I mean it’s like a really fun project because we get to do whatever we want, the teacher didn’t set any parameters because she apparently thinks we’re really smart and will be able to handle it. I don’t know how I feel about this, we have so much freedom but so little time! It’s a bit like IB art except we have to finish a piece within two weeks. Not fun.
This is my panorama thing:

The original project was supposed to be five feet long but I told my teacher that I’m not comfortable working big scale if I have to draw everything by hand (I forgot to mention that she thinks working digitally is the lazy alternative. Which is complete bull because honestly digital painting is almost as hard as traditional painting.) and she was totally fine with me working on a smaller scale.

I used fine liners and my suitemate’s illustrator markers to draw this. Surprisingly, even with the details and stuff it only took me around one day to finish this bit (I started Sunday night).

I’m debating whether I should colour it or not. I also want to add patterns on Mary’s dress..

It just started to snow over here and I have to say that I’m quite excited even though I don’t really like snow.
Anyways see you guys later!

Hey everyone! Sorry i haven’t been updating much!

I’ve been really busy lately (as always) and the work I’ve been doing isn’t that interesting so I didn’t post anything about it. Anyways, remember the drawings in the last post? It was in the showcase!

ImageIt looks awfully tiny in there actually, and not a lot of people walk past it, but whatever it’s pinned up.

My studio teacher also made us do this paper cut project, which was kind of cool despite the fact that it took me forever to cut everything out. The design was based on the drawings we drew, so basically what I did was take bits out of every drawing and combined everything together.

I’m surprised that my fingers didn’t fall off after I finished this. But the teacher loved it so I guess it was worth it. She’s one of the best teachers I have; she actually reminds me of my senior year art teacher, she just keeps pushing me, which is nice because I’ve been having a problem with being motivated lately..

Apart from that, I’ve also done some sculpture related work. We had to mold our faces in one of our classes; and it was insane. I’ve never done any sculpture stuff, because I’m not exactly the most hands-on artist out there, I prefer working with 2D/digital things so this was all very new to me. Here are some pictures!

The purple stuff is called body double, and you only put it on your face, it’s the stuff that gets the details of your face; after that you wrap plaster strips on it to create the full mold. Then you pour plaster into the whole thing and make a solid plaster mold of your head.



this is the final outcome! The plaster strips made me look like I had a shower cap on but I managed to sand it off with a file. The actual thing is actually extremely intricate; you could actually see all the details of your face (I know this because I had this giant zit on my nose bridge and it was actually on the plaster mold but I sanded it off haha).

Annnnnnd I’ve also been drawing stuff by hand, just to make sure that I still remember how to draw, because I’ve been working on a lot of 3D things (like sewing. Yes I have to design and create this headpiece for one of my classes and I’m not enjoying it. I just want to be an illustrator, not a fashion designer goddamit).

One of my classmates from my studio class was a sketchbook for halloween and asked me to draw something on her shirt, so I drew one of my weird shape things (I have no name for it yet) with a sharpie. She loved it, which was nice.Image

And I’m still drawing faces. Here’s one I drew recently. I haven’t been drawing faces much, because its just too time consuming. I actually have to concentrate to draw faces, but with shapes and abstract patterns I could just randomly draw them whenever and wherever. I really should start drawing body parts, I’m taking drawing/imaging classes next semester and I heard that in some classes all you do is work on life drawings. And I absolutely suck at that. Image

I remember someone asking me how I draw faces if I don’t have any pictures in front of me for reference; most of the time I draw whatever comes into mind, so all the faces I draw are actually a combination of features from different faces. The eyes could be from one friend and the nose could be taken from another friend. That’s why they never really resemble anyone. And I don’t like to draw a specific person because if the final drawing is done and it looks nothing like the person I’m just going to feel really bad.

24 days till thanksgiving! 52 days until Christmas! I’m going to Boston during thanksgiving to visit my friend who’s going to college there and words can’t describe how much I want this semester to be over. I am so done with my 3D class.

I’ll try and update more frequently! I’m really sorry but I do love all my non existent readers!

For our studio class we had to take pictures of surveillance cameras and pictures of the perspectives of surveillance cameras; after that we have to pick a few details from the photos and draw 20 pictures.

This means I’m finally allowed to do what I love: drawing. Or illustrating. Both.
I was actually really excited about the whole thing until I realized I had to stay up until five to finish all of them. And turns out I overdid it a little because what everyone brought to class were quick sketches of people and fire hydrants. They all told me it took them only an hour to finish them and when they told me that all I could say was “shit. I fucked up.”

Haha but here’s the good news. I didn’t fuck anything up. My studio teacher loved my drawings. I don’t know why though, they weren’t exactly good. And you could point out when I literally just stopped trying because it was already 4:30 in the morning.

I’m feeling a little proud of myself because I didn’t really expect my teacher to react this positively. She told me that I was going to excel in this subject and I just felt incredibly dumbfounded because these drawings weren’t really that good. I don’t know. I’m still trying to process everything.
Here are the drawings that she picked out of the twenty. We were only supposed to give her three of them but for some reason she chose a few more than three.


I’m still a little shocked about the whole thing right now, and I have to work so I’m going to end this post here. I’ll definitely update you all with the details later!

hey everyone! sorry i haven’t been updating much. the workload’s slowly increasing, and i keep forgetting to write a new post.

so i’ve been working on this lately:


it’s cecil from WTNV! i’m still fixing the proportions and stuff before i start to colour it, and you know me, i suck at proportions so this is going to take a while..

so we’ve just had our 4th week of school, and i’ve made lots of friends here at parsons, which i guess is a good thing. i’ve also made a few friends who are from nyu! they’re all really nice; and on some nights i would ask myself “where have they been all my life?” i didn’t have a lot of friends back in high school, which isn’t exactly a bad thing, but the more the merrier right? that’s the good thing, the bad thing is that most of them are thai; and sometimes they would just start speaking in thai and i’d just be sitting there trying to understand what they’re saying but fail dismally because i do not know thai.

anyways, i should stop ranting about college life and start enjoying it haha. have a great weekend guys! 🙂

Hey everyone!
It’s been a while since I last posted so I’m just writing a short post now just to let you all know that I’m alive 🙂

I’ve been working on a lot of technical drawings lately in one of my classes (space/materiality). It’s quite fun at times and I enjoy it. But it’s also really challenging because its TECHNICAL DRAWING and not FREEHAND DRAWING???? So I have to constantly use my tsquare and triangles and all that technical drawing shit to make sure everything is in proportion and its so annoying sometimes. Plus our teacher is like a huge perfectionist so that just makes it a lot worse than it already is.
Here’s a technical drawing of a shoe I’ve been working on!!


School is enjoyable though, overall. Ive made friends and am finally settled down. Even though I have to take an ESL advanced writing class which ends at 8, meaning I always am in a bad mood when im there because who the hell wants to be trapped in a classroom with people you don’t like and with a teacher who treats you like a retarded dog? Until 8 in the evening? And what’s worse is that there’s this girl from Hong Kong who’s extremely annoying in my class. I came to New York thinking I won’t have to face another person who’s from the same place as I am or at least I won’t have to interact with them but I am trapped in a room with her for an hour every Monday and Wednesday. I’d pay anyone to take my place.

Anyways. It’s half past three in the morning so I should go. Updating my blog via my phone while I’m on my bed feels weird. Have a great day guys!:)


so i had my first day of lessons yesterday, which was extremely tedious, mainly due to the fact that it started from 9 AM and ended at 8:10 PM. thank god i have today ( every tuesday actually) off so I could sleep in and lock myself in my dorm asking myself why i decided to go to art school..






..and since i had the day off naturally i stayed up till like 4 in the morning working on assignments that were given out and watching dexter:) you could see i had to draw hands for this assignment. i have no idea why, but it was fun. 




I also have been practicing drawing by hand; i’ve been drawing digitally for like 2 years and have long forgotten that paper and pencils exist and that I could actually use them to draw. hahahahahahaha



you could say that this is the best drawing i’ve done out of the few I drew for the past week. I don’t know why but it’s easier to draw guys than to draw girls. I have no idea why.Image

and after drawing the guy I realized that I was drawing upside down (OOPS SILLY ME *GIGGLES NERVOUSLY, DOWNS A BOTTLE OF EVERCLEAR, AND JUMPS OUT OF WINDOW*) Image


and to the people who don’t listen to WTNV (shame on u) it’s Cecil. Cecil is the host of the radio show. he’s awesome. all hail the glow cloud.Image

i’ve also brought the two illustration books with me; in case i am in desperate need of inspiration. i got one of them in berlin and the other one from a random bookstore in hong kong..

sorry for not updating much, there was so much i had to do, so many people i had to meet up with before i left for new york. and when i got here i had to unpack and settle in. i’ll update more frequently now; since i’ve settled in and got my new laptop (YAY 15″ RETINA DISPLAY). have a great day you guys!

It’s only 3 more days until I leave for college, so I’ve decided to finish this picture off.

Screen Shot 2013-08-11 at 3.20.16 AM


I’ve always struggled with the background (not just for this drawing but just for drawings in general) because it’s really hard to come up with something that matches the context of the foreground. So most of the time I just end up with a super simple background that consists of blurry colours. I guess it sort of matches with this theme I’ve been bringing out for a few of my drawings including the ones I did for IB art which is childhood and isolation, etc.

Screen Shot 2013-08-11 at 3.20.25 AM

I can’t say I’m extremely proud of this but I’ve been working on this for like almost 3 months so I’m not exactly ashamed of it either.



Screen Shot 2013-08-11 at 3.20.40 AM


Don’t know what else to say actually.. I’ve been busy packing and saying goodbye to a shitload of people whom I hardly talk to anymore (yes how are you? My life is good without you and will be even better if we don’t talk anymore after this very awkward dinner yes okay goodbye.), and I’ve also been trying to hang out with my friends as much as possible because I won’t be back for a whole year..

So yup, I guess this is it. Of course I’ll still be updating this blog when I’m in college (hopefully frequently updating it since I’ll be doing art related things 24/7 literally) but this is probably the last post I’ll make before college starts. This is so overwhelming. High school is over. I don’t want it to be over. Not really. I don’t know. I feel extremely emotional right now and it’s already 3:44 AM so I should go to bed.


Good night people. Good night.


Ps. Listen to “Welcome to Night Vale”. It’s a series of podcasts and I swear you’ll get hooked onto it. 🙂